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Netbook SSD/Laptop SSD upgrades are available from Supertalent, Kingspec, Renice, Asax and Runcore. Please refer to our guide on Professional or Consumer SSD. Today's netbooks use one of the following formats: 2.5 inch SATA and PATA/IDE 1.8 inch SATA 1.8 inch ZIF Mini PCI-E SATA Mini PCI-E PATA/IDE mSATA (also known as Mini SATA or Micro SATA) We refer to smaller format systems as a Netbook. Laptops generally use 2.5 inch Solid State Drives. We are constantly updating a reliable matrix of netbook models and compatible drives. If you cannot find your netbook model please contact us to check for an SSD that is compatible with it. See below for the list of Solid State Disk variants.

Netbook Models that cannot be upgraded with a larger SSD Asus Eee 701 - This model came with a 4GB drive which is fixed to the motherboard and cannot be removed.
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