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Looking to build the fastest PC UK? Well you need to decide on the best PC Components that you can afford and put together compatible PC Components that comprise your Fastest PC UK. You need to choose compatible components from the following list

  • Motherboard
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Case
  • HDD/SSD or PCIE Storage
  • Graphics Card
It usually starts with CPU and Motherboard components – you need to match the correct CPU with the motherboard that supports it. AMD and Intel CPUs are not interchangeable on the same motherboard. You then choose the best and Fastest RAM that the motherboard supports.
In order to Build the fastest PC – you would do well to use a PCIE based SSD to host your Operating System as these have a tremendously fast IO bus.
Using a fast Graphics card will also improve the performance of your PC when using intensive graphic hungry applications.
Choosing the right components to build your PC often needs consideration as to what applications you will be running, whether it’s a gaming PC or professional coder or CAD designer based PC – the fastest multicore CPU may be required for virtualisation – the most RAM possible is a key choice. 4x slot RAM motherboards can hold up to 32GB of RAM. Motherboards with more slots require a bigger case etc.
You can find all of the components to build the fastest pc at http://www.fastestpc.co.uk

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